Nice. It’s a second post.

I’m unreasonably proud of the fact that I am writing here for a second time. I’ve started blogs before, with big dreams about all of the really cool things I was going to say and all the awesome internet friends I would make. I’d spend hours styling the thing and then write a lame “First Post!”

And then I’d never touch the thing again.

Things are different now. I’m turning over a new leaf. I’m going to follow through and actually finish things. What a concept!

And I’m not just referring to this blog. I’m talking about side projects I’ve started, books I want to read, hobbies I have, goals I set for myself… So many things I’ve started and never finished…

My plan for getting things done is this:

  1. Pick a few small tasks I know I can get done
  2. Set a deadline that isn’t very far out

To add some extra accountability for my next set of goals, I’m going to post my task list here with the due date (12/13). If I don’t have all of these things done by December 13, 2013, please feel free to berate me via social media (@zkuzmic):

I’ll update this post when I’m finished.