Silicon Labs responsive website redesign

Project Overview

Silicon Labs is a leading global manufacturer of integrated-circuit products based here in Austin, Texas. Their technology helps power solutions for the Internet of Things, Internet infrastructure, industrial control, consumer and automotive markets.

We were tasked with redesigning parts of in an attempt to increase sales and improve ease of use across all device types.

The Workshop

We kicked the project off with a day-long workshop at the Silicon Labs office that would help all involved align on:

  1. Business objectives
  2. Personas and target audience
  3. Content needs
  4. Brand characteristics

Workshops like these are a great way to get everyone on the same page early on in a project. A full day of collaboration with the client is invaluable in helping us understand their goals, current pain points, and how we can help them improve their business.

Product Filtering

One of the more complicated sections we were tasked with redesigning was the Microcontroller Units (MCU) product area. Silicon Labs offers hundreds of MCU products in a variety of configurations. Our goal was to display these products in a simple, understandable way that helped users determine the differences between them and ultimately pick which was the right one for their project.

After explorations into graphs, matrices, and other visualizations of products, we eventually determined that a product table with dynamic filtering was going to be the best solution. Only the most important parameters were included as to not overload the user with too many options and to help them easily determine which product family was right for their project.

Silicon Labs product filtering module
An example of the product family filtering module from the 32-bit MCU page

After selecting a product family, the user is then presented with a product matrix that includes a variety of technical specifications for each item. In order to keep the matrix a reasonable size and to help users easily compare specs that varied between individual products, we rolled up all common specifications into a table that lived above the product matrix.

Silicon Labs product matrix
Product matrix from the Tiny Gecko 32-bit MCU product family page

Home and Navigation

We also reworked the site’s home page and global navigation in an attempt to help the user focus on the most important navigation items / content.

Silicon Labs home page
The new homepage
Silicon Labs navigation menu
An example of the simplified navigation
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